About EIS Diesel

Our EIS Diesel Family

Electronic Injection Services is a family-owned diesel performance and repair shop. We started business back in 2000 and have turned into one of the most trusted light duty diesel shops in the Northwest!

Whether you use your diesel vehicle for work or fun, we can provide you with on-site testing, diagnostics and repair for straight forward answers about your diesel vehicle’s performance. With over 50 years of experience in the mechanical and electronic diesels, our continual training provides us with the knowledge and experience to keep us at the front of the changing diesel market.

With the growing number of diesel vehicles, the aftermarket repair shops have fallen behind in keeping up with the new technology. Being a trusted business within the diesel community has given us an opportunity to receive training on the newest of vehicles and in some cases make warranty repairs. EIS prides itself in being able to not only diagnose your problems but test components with state of the art test equipment and repair them in house. Our goal is to provide the best product and services to our customers at a reasonable price.

Meet Our Team

Our owners and technicians bring over 50 years of combined diesel experience to every solution for our customers. We know diesel trucks and how to wring extra performance from your rig!