Diesel Injector Specialist in Portland Oregon

Diesel Fuel Injectors

Electronic Injection Services will earn your trust. We are experts with fuel injectors.

Electronic Injection Services started business in 2000 testing and repairing Power Stroke injectors. Since then, EIS has evolved into one of the areas most respected light truck repair shops in the Northwest. With over 25 years of experience in building injectors, EIS has developed a line of performance injectors that increase horsepower and fuel mileage. Customers may not need the horsepower but are interested in the additional fuel mileage that can be achieved with performance nozzles and custom injectors. We have the knowledge and training needed to understand your diesel fuel injection system. EIS strives to provide our customers with the greatest quality products and service!

Injector Diagnosis & Testing

With state of the art test stands, we specialize in diesel injectors! At EIS we can test, repair, and rebuild fuel injectors for Dodge, Ford, and GM diesel trucks. EIS was the only shop to be recognized by Ford Motor Company as a warranty evaluator on their 7.3L injectors.

With each individual Injector test EIS provides our customers with flow sheets that show each individual injectors current performance output. These graphs indicate how much fuel is flowing through the injector during different RPM loads. In order to maximize the diesel engines power it’s crucial that the engines injectors are flowing without obstruction and debris build up. Lack of maintenance can hinder the injectors ability to function at full performance. That’s why at EIS we always recommend keeping up on injector maintenance, especially if you have an older diesel engine, injectors can wear down over time. They are a crucial part of keeping your diesel vehicle on the road. Let our injector specialists at EIS test and diagnose your injectors fuel performance today!