Diesel Transmission Mechanic

Custom Built Diesel Transmission

Electronic Injection Services will earn your trust. We specialize in custom built transmissions.

Electronic Injection Services started business in 2000 testing and repairing Power Stroke injectors. Since then, EIS has evolved into one of the areas most respected light duty truck repair shops in the Northwest. EIS has been building custom transmissions for customers since the beginning. These custom builds are something EIS strives to help each customer create a build that suites them best. We have the knowledge and training needed to understand your transmission needs. EIS strives to provide our customers with the greatest quality products and service!

Why a Custom Transmission Build?

At EIS we build towards application! With that said, each custom build is different. A custom-built transmission can be for performance or overall longevity. Customers often want custom tow transmissions, which include customers towing travel trailers, boats, horse trailers, and work trailers etc. This towing often takes a toll on a stock transmission, which is why EIS strives to provide the best quality custom builds and packages for each customers unique needs!