Diesel Performance in Portland Oregon

Diesel Truck Performance

Electronic Injection Services will earn your trust. We work exclusively on diesel trucks.

Whether you are looking for horsepower gains to more easily tow a trailer, or simply increase fuel economy, EIS specializes in providing customers with economical packages, which can increase fuel mileage up to 3MPG, while increasing overall performance! We pride ourselves on engineering and providing efficient breathing systems for your engine. The key is “controlled” performance upgrades. With over 50 years of experience in the diesel industry we can analyze your needs and goals and provide you with a custom-tailored package just for you!

When talking diesel performance, the options differ between make, model, and year of your truck. A performance upgrade that works on a Ford will not necessarily work for a Chevy. Visit our detailed pages regarding performance recommendations for each diesel truck manufacturer for more specific recommendations and options.

Diesel Performance Tuning

In other diesel shops, a majority of performance tuning is generic and overlaps among the various makes and models of diesel trucks. At EIS, our goal with custom diesel tuning is to optimize your truck’s performance and reliability. Our custom diesel tuning service can take longer to complete then other shops’ regular flash and done scenario. With a custom performance tune, our expert diesel mechanics write your performance tune specifically for your particular make and model of truck. We work to build a specific tune that highlights your truck’s upgraded components (such as turbo, injectors, intake, exhaust, etc.) in order to achieve your optimal diesel performance.